Cupid's Corner

Directed by

Written by

Raz Golden
Parade Stone


What if you could custom build your ideal romantic partner? Cupid’s Corner follows four twenty-somethings as they explore the pros and often bizarre cons of a new dating phenomenon. The eponymous “Cupid’s Corner” is a rapidly growing franchise with all the immediacy and automation of fast-food restaurants. The only difference is it specializes in customizable, hyperrealistic robot companions rather than hamburgers. Customers simply walk in and order the person of their dreams (or sexual fantasies). The initial appeal is undeniable, but the Mcdonald’s-Tinder lovechild soon forces the characters to take an uncomfortably probing look at their own beliefs and desires. A reflection on the value of human connection in an increasingly virtual world, and what’s worth risking to experience that connection, Cupid’s Corner feels eerily timely.

Cupid's Corner will be featured in Women's Theatre Festival NC, Occupy The Stage 2020, November 6th-8th.
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June 18th, 2020