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Book and Lyrics by Parade Stone

Music by Sequoia Sellinger

When Sydney receives a job offer in politics, she finds herself at a crossroads. Should she stay at her unfulfilling survival job until she finds a new passion, or can she reignite her now-disillusioned passion for politics? As Sydney traverses both fantasy and reality to come to a decision, she finds herself instead searching for the answer to the question that’s always eluded her: in a broken political system, how is she capable of bringing about real change?


  • 29-Hour Reading presented at Open Jars Studios in July 2022, produced by Victoria Detres with support from the Shubert Organization (dir. abigail jean baptiste)

  • Equity Showcase presented at the Wild Project in October 2019 (dir. Parade Stone and Lauren DeLeon)

Parade Site_Work poster.png

Poster designed by Emma Ling-Hwei Young

Brother Johnny's Homestyle BBQ

Play and lyrics by Parade Stone

Music by Ava Heatley

When Brooke, a young woman outrunning the dysfunction of her past, impulsively takes a job as a waitress at Brother Johnny’s Homestyle BBQ, manager Mike denies the staff’s request to hang a Black Lives Matter flag in the bar. Despite his attempts to avoid alienating the fratty customer base, BLM flags mysteriously appear anyway. Brooke, the only Black person in a primarily white staff, agrees to secretly uncover the person hanging the flags in exchange for an under-the-table pay raise.


  • Staged reading presented as a part of DDW MFA’s Summer Reading Series at The Tank in August 2022 (dir. Parade Stone)

Parade Site_Borther Johny's poster.png

Poster designed by Emma Ling-Hwei Young

In the Same Space

Play by Parade Stone

Translations by Jonathan Rodriguez and Tiffani Teng

On a block underneath the J train, Chuck, a Brooklyn native, and Emma, a Manhattanite, debate their right call to Bed Stuy home. Tina and Sallie, sisters who grew up in the apartment above their family's laundromat, plan to sabotage their mom's building sale. Emmanuel and Jon, a new couple, debate the ethics of moving into the nail in the gentrification coffin, a luxury Condo. Punctuated by the thunderous passage of the train, these residents of Bed Stuy seek connection, resist displacement, and piece together their experiences in a neighborhood on the brink of gentrification and change.


  • Presentation at Dixon Place in October 2019 (dir. Raz Golden)

  • Presentation as a part of the Director’s Lab at Williamstown Theatre Festival in July 2018 (dir. Raz Golden)


  • Finalist for the Jane Chambers Playwriting Prize presented by the Association for Theatre in Higher Education in July 2022

Parade Site_In the Same Space poster.png

Poster designed by Emma Ling-Hwei Young

Cupid's Corner

Written by Parade Stone

When college student and aspiring theatre artist/anarchist Sadie, takes a semester off to work at her brother’s popular dating franchise, “Cupid’s Corner,” she secretly plots a company takedown. “Cupid’s Corner” specializes in customizable, hyperrealistic robot “dates.” Customers simply walk in and order the person of their dreams (or sexual fantasies). The initial appeal is undeniable, but the Mcdonald’s-Tinder lovechild soon forces the characters to take an uncomfortably probing look at their moral beliefs and sexual desires.


  • Presented virtually at Women’s Theatre Festival’s “Occupy 2020” (dir. Miranda M. Thompson) in October 2020

  • Presented virtually by “A Star is Bored” podcast and Screensaver Streaming Service (dir. Raz Golden) in June 2020


  • Finalist for the 2020 OffWestEnd OnComm Awards in the UK in January 2021

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Logo designed by Grace Mennell

Spiritual Shit

A short film written by Parade Stone

Directed by Raz Golden

Currently in post-production

When Mya and Hunter, an interracial couple, and their friend Sophie decide to host a seance in their Brooklyn apartment, tensions arise as Hunter asserts his opinion on the legitimacy of ghosts as well as the importance of the two women of color in the room. "Spiritual Shit" is an investigation of the complicated dynamics of interracial relationships, a satire of our contemporary desire to "outwoke" each other in the group hang, and an homage to the ghosts probably watching millennials argue with each other in New York City.

Parade Site_Spiritual shit poster.png

Director of Photography: Samuel Dellert

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